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With many years of expertise and experience, Workpixie has created an aced and eminent name for themselves in interior design for restaurants, hotels, cafes, spas, lounges, etc. Needless to say, hospitality is one of the biggest and the most critical sectors in the world. The right design and ambiance are sure to play a crucial role in enhancing the appeal and functionality of a hotel and playing a pivotal role in making the guests feel welcomed.

Hospitality interiors have a distinct taste to them as compared to interiors of other avenues. The foremost thing that we at Workpixie keep in mind before developing a place is the fact that these are the places where people choose to come for fun and relaxation. Therefore, it is crucial that everything from their rooms to the lounge to the restaurant, etc., bespoke fun, light, and laughter. Here is a list of factors that must be kept in mind while dealing with hotels and hospitality interiors.

  • Operational efficiency – Working on functional designs is a must in the hospitality industry. If all the essential elements are kept in mind, it will enhance productivity and efficiency and keep the guests happy. By using furniture and accessories that are easy and quick to use clean, and process, the entire process becomes an easy one.
  • Staff satisfaction -Working in the hospitality sector is sure to have its own share of challenges and problems. The staff is under constant pressure to always remain at their best. However, things can be made significantly easy for them with the help of the right interior design. Making small changes in terms of the use of furniture accessories is sure to leave a significant impact on the stress levels of your employees. By creating proper spaces and storage areas, not only does the work become efficient but is also sure to keep your employees happy.
  • Enhancing the guest experience – Location and architecture play an essential role in making or breaking the name of your hotel. But be assured that a hotel can never run only based on its location and the way it has been built. This is where interior design comes to the rescue and plays a crucial role in making the guests feel warm and welcomed. With the right blend of well-designed spaces such as furniture, modern lighting, false ceiling, artifacts, acoustics, rustic furniture, industry dews, etc, we aim at creating spaces that are sure to make your guests feel not just welcomed but also comfortable.

Workpixie has been in the interior design industry for many years now. As a company that has been behind the success and smooth functioning of many hotels and cafes, and restaurants in many parts of the country, we know the trick to keep travelers happy and comfortable. If you are looking for a team of interior designers that help you develop spaces that are functional, think of your staff, and help you to create aesthetically rich places, then it’s time for you to get in touch with us at Workpixie today.