Workpixie - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?

You may have occasionally heard the terms for interior decorator and interior designer interchanged. However, there is a difference between the two titles. An interior decorator generally refers to someone who deals with finishes, surfaces, furniture, upholstry, furnishes , painting and wall coverings. Also, an interior decorator may work in a variety of design showroom to a remodeling of a house in retail store.

An interior designer is a more specialized career field, requiring a certain combined level of education, work experience, a Whether you need a little help or a lot, from answers to a few questions on color selection or furniture layout to help on planning and completing a complicated remodel or new construction project, the advice and guidance of an Interior Designer is invaluable, An interior designer may also deal with issues of safety like accessibility and building codes with proper technicality and helps you also design space with proper planning with smaller to bigger space given.

Why do I need an Interior Designer?

Working with an Interior Designer will help you to move seamlessly and efficiently through the project, as well as help you prevent costly mistakes or side-steps along the way. It will also help you understand how can your space look and get beautify before any trial and errors. It will also minimise the cost of spending too much of money on redoing or revamping specific space.

When do I need an Interior Designer?

It is most advantageous for you to begin your work with a designer at the earliest stages of the design. As with almost any process, a good plan in place as early as possible is the best route to success. Workpixie can take your project from the initial point of gathering information on the requirements and needs that you have for your space, throughout conception, development, construction, purchasing and installation for every detail of your project – Else you can start even when you want to selelct flooring and want to start with styling your space from wall , ceiling and to flooring you can start looking at us. Utility designs to store space to furnishing is where you can start wit interior designer.

What is your Fee Schedule?

Our fees are based off the scope of work and we charge a complete concept of flat of 2 or 3 bedroom for Rs. 35,000/- Commercila start from Rs. 30000/- to 50,000/-. Remodeling start from 25,000/- to 40,000/-

The design fee covers such actions as:
  • Schematics, space planning, lighting design, renderings,  working drawings and finish selections of new materials
  • Design of custom window and bedding treatments, shades or blinds
  • Complete design concepts with false ceiling
  • Coordination with contractors, Vendors
  • Subsequent consultations with the client and suppliers
  • Researching sources for materials or products
  • Market purchases and visiting for material twice during project
  • Site visits for 3 times during execution.

Do you offer any type of discounts?

No, we dont offer discounts for any reason.

Do you charge for your first meeting?

No, the first meeting is complimentary and is an opportunity for both parties to meet and evaluate the scope of the work, review the Designer’s portfolio, and discuss compensation. But if you need site visit for the first itself we charge the first meetîng of Rs 3000/- as our consultancy.

What are payment process?

After the first consultancy we expect the 50 % payment of design fees and then proceed with measurements and detail consultancy of space planning. We do site visits and all the details are been taken in to consideration before designing. Once you get the view of point of first cut design at our office the last 50 % payment should be completed and we give the vendor choice for execution and market visits and rest we take care from there on. Final handover of the project will be definitely done with the vendors and designers.

What should I have at our first meeting for my project?

  • What should I have at our first meeting for my project?
  • Floor plan of the space you looking to design with us
  • Think about colors, styles and effects you like.
  • Know your objective and lifestyle needs.
  • Establish a time frame in which you would like to work
  • Have a budget in mind and be honest about it with your designer.

Can you do rush jobs ?

Determined by the complexity of the project and specified delivery date, we will do our upmost to meet any requirements set by the client.

What is Workpixie Interiors Design’s style?

We don’t subscribe to a just one particular design style such as modern, transitional or traditional. As creative designers. Workpixie enjoys working on a variety of project styles from elegant, traditional classics, we also enjoy working very open terrace gardens, concepts which makes your home or space look resourable and reusabl to changable resources to remove boredom in your space,. This keeps business fresh and interesting. As such, we are always seeking out new artisans and vendors to help create new, custom pieces for you that complement your personalized style that we co-create with you WE also create customise decors and elements in the house which is brought from cottage industries to make your house more beautiful and motivational. We create space depending on your style and living and most importantly for working and economical class people.

How is client involved in the process ?

You may be involved as little or as much as you like in the process. We enjoy and encourage your participation. We involve you to select the decors resourceful materials and also encourage your lifestyle in much simplest possible.

Can i afford to hire a Interior Designer?

Yes you can still hire workpixie to have your design with only cosnulation design of 15000 with any sketches and fianl design we work on site and help you understand your space and help you with 2 market visits and buying of materials

What are your office hours ?

Our office hours are * 9:00am - 6:00pm Monday -Friday, Satuday and sunday 11am to 1 pm.

What is your payment policy and what type of payments do you accept ?

We receive 50% of your design total value as a deposit prior to beginning work. The final payment should be completed once the project is shown in our office completed. Once the payment is done the sketches will be released to vendors and clients.

We will accept cash transfer online, bank deposites, cheques. Your project will begin once your we have received a signed contract and down payment. We also accept the payment through western union for client outside India.

What kind of guarantee do you offer ?

We completely guarantee our design work. We provide an initial concept based on the creative brief we put together prior to designing. We then offer an entire round of revisions at no additional charge. In many cases revisions aren't even needed, but when they are necessary - we take your entire "laundry list" and tweak until the design is just right. Once the concept is finalized, we proceed with vendors to materialise our concept on bases of your budget and scale requirement.

Why do we choose Workpixie interiors?

As I am sure most of us would agree we have all had past dealings with business that don’t own up to what they say. You may be tired of poor communication and lack of professionalism from people you have hired to do a job. Interior design is largely a referral business. Accordingly, we regard our customers’ satisfaction in the highest regard.

We give value for money designs and receommendations towards resources and help you build your space with low cost value and best in style. We design completely unique style and the design which is not copy in market or net. We also respect your money and value our design cost which is competative in market that you can afford and worth it at the end. We can offer hands-on service at reasonable rates compared to large organizations with high overhead.

I want you to design my home. Now what do I do ?

If you have decided you want a Designer or have any questions, simply fill out our web design quote request form to start the process.

How big is Workpixie Interior Design?

Since we are small and efficient company focusing in on Designs and quality goals , Workpixie Interior Design does not mark up the cost of contractor labor, furniture or fixtures! Our clients pay only for our design. Our Company widely expands with list of furniture factories, suppliers, distributors, Cottage industries and many more creative designer in different field which can help your project a complete soul with the body.

Do you accept clients outside of the Bangalore ?

yes, we do not clients outside Bangalore only on design and technical sketchup and give you complete research on what kind of element can go into your design and help me you trace purchase. If you want designer to visit you. You have pay the ticket and stay charges for their travel and also consultancy fees of 15000/- INR. This is only possible once payment tickets and stay is received prior.

Organic Services

  • Organic Designs
  • Resource Friendly Elements
  • Cottage Industry Decors
  • Resourceful Materials
  • Residential Materials
  • Office Materials